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3 ways to remove ingrown hair more easily


When hair becomes ingrown, it causes great discomfort, in some cases even infections. This way, find out how to easily remove uncrowded hair.

When hair gets ingrown, it’s a real nuisance, isn’t it? And unfortunately, it is a disorder that can affect men, women and children. Furthermore, it is an inflammation that is not dangerous in principle. However, in some cases medical supervision may be necessary. Therefore, it is important to know how to prevent and remove ingrown hairs.

In short, ingrown hair appears when the hair does not find the exit from the hair follicle. Or, when it fails to break through the keratin layer that forms in the epidermis. This results in an inflammatory process.

The most affected regions are the beard, face, neck and back of the head in men. And legs, armpits and groin in women. Finally, check out how to remove ingrown hair in a simple and practical way.

What causes hair to ingrown?

How to remove ingrown hair: 3 simple tips to remove it more easily

Before we give you tips on how to remove ingrown hairs, you need to understand what causes hair to become ingrown. In short, excess dead skin is one of the most common causes. As it tends to clog the hair exit, causing inflammation.

Furthermore, the disorder is more common in people who have thicker, curlier hair. However, it does not prevent it from happening in people with other hair types.

Typically, hair becomes ingrown in areas where the skin folds or comes into contact with clothing, such as the groin, armpits, legs, etc. In fact, people who have high hormonal levels tend to have more hair on their body. As a result, hair tends to get ingrown more easily.

What happens if you don’t remove the ingrown hair?


Normally, ingrown hair does not pose any risks to the body. Well, it usually leaves alone without the need to intervene. However, when the thread does not come out, the inflammation can worsen, causing pain and discomfort in the region.

Furthermore, there are people who tend to poke the area with their fingernails or objects that are not sterilized, aggravating the situation and even causing infection.

Finally, in these situations it is important to seek guidance from a dermatologist. Therefore, he will indicate the best treatment to reduce inflammation and remove ingrown hair. In extreme situations, the dermatologist may recommend removing the ingrown hair through surgery.

How to prevent hair from getting ingrown?

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One of the best ways to avoid ingrown hair is to opt for hair removal methods that are more spaced out. Like waxing with warm wax, for example. Yes, it can be done once a month.

Another option is photoepilation, as this technique removes hair through the follicle. In other words, the hair is removed from the root, preventing it from getting stuck.

Tips on how to remove ingrown hair

Anyway, if you suffer from this problem, there are some homemade recipes that can help you remove ingrown hair. And best of all, without you needing to see a doctor. However, it is worth remembering that these tips should be done by people who have good healing and who do not have health problems.

1- How to remove ingrown hair with a needle and tweezers

How to remove ingrown hair: 3 simple tips to remove it more easily

To remove ingrown hairs with a needle and tweezers, you need to sterilize them with boiling water first. Then, apply cotton wool with alcohol to the affected area and try to pull the hair out with the needle or tweezers.

Furthermore, if you want to numb the area to reduce the pain, you can use some ice for 10 minutes. However, ice closes the pores, which can make hair removal difficult. Therefore, only use ice if you are very sensitive to pain.

But, if you can’t pull the thread, don’t keep poking the skin or you’ll end up leaving scars. This way, just remove the ingrown part and let the hair grow and come out on its own.

2- Exfoliation

How to remove ingrown hair: 3 simple tips to remove it more easily

A great way to remove ingrown hairs is to exfoliate your skin. Well, exfoliation will remove dead skin, dirt and excess oil. Which are the main causes of clogging of the hair exit, causing ingrown hairs.

Therefore, to remove ingrown hairs, exfoliate twice a day, using gloves and appropriate creams. Anyway, the exfoliation will unblock the hair passage, then just try to reach the hair and pull it out.

3- Hot compress


Finally, you can remove ingrown hair with the help of hot compresses. To do this, wet a clean cloth with hot water, wring out excess water and press on the ingrown hair.

In short, hot water will help open the pores, making it easier for the hair to come out. Including the deepest hairs. Finally, apply the compress for 10 minutes.

But, after this time has passed and the hair still doesn’t come out, the ideal is to seek help from a dermatologist.

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