25 ideas for those who want to go beyond the obvious

25 ideas for those who want to go beyond the obvious


Makeup, clothes, chocolate? If you can no longer bear giving this type of Christmas gift, this article will help you a lot to be creative.

If you’re the type of person who suffers every time you have to choose a Christmas gift or a gift from any other season, this list will be your eternal solution. As you will see, it is possible to give gifts to people in a creative way without falling into the obvious!

After all, there comes a time when we can no longer bear buying shirts, socks, underwear, panties, bras, blouses and makeup to give as Christmas gifts, right?

Because if this also happens to you, the list below will give you that creative “help” you needed.

And, before you freak out at the beautiful options, most of the Christmas gift suggestions listed can be found in decoration stores, such as Oppa, Tok Stock and so on.

Check out 25 creative Christmas gift ideas:

1. Wall stickers

Be bold in formats and choose themes that relate to the preferences and personality of the person who will be gifted. This is a great idea for a Christmas gift for artists and people who love design and decoration, for example.

2. Adhesive whiteboard

Still following this idea of ​​wall stickers, choosing one that reproduces a blackboard and that actually allows you to use chalk to write your messages or draw pictures, is a brilliant Christmas gift idea for your most creative friends.

It’s just not worth forgetting to buy a box of chalk along with it, right!?

3. Decorative posters

They look beautiful on the wall, can convey inspiring content or be relaxed. This is a perfect option for that friend or family member of yours who is decorating their home, or who likes posters.

4. Diaries

In addition to traditional diaries and diaries, interactive books and diaries are always a good Christmas gift, which stimulate the gift owner’s creativity.

5. Key holder

In addition to being original, they can be cute or fun. Plus, they’re a great gift for that person who never knows where to put the key.

6. Decorated tea infusers

You know that person who loves a cup of tea? Why not give her a fun infuser and some different herbs for Christmas? Every time she prepares a cup of tea, she will remember you after that!

7. Sketchbooks

If your friend or family member likes to draw, a relatively affordable gift could be a sketchbook. Choose one with a cool cover and it can also be used as a booklet for daily notes.

8. Tequila kit

For those who don’t give up a good drink, a good Christmas gift is a tequila kit. This Frida Kahlo one is so cute!

9. Bookends

And if your giftee loves to read, why not fun bookends? These are themed and, in addition to actually supporting a good number of books on the shelf, they also serve as decoration.

10. Piggy banks

You know that friend of yours who spends without measure? How about encouraging him to save a little money? For this, there is nothing better than a creative safe, which also looks beautiful in the bedroom decor, for example.

11. Different books

This is to stimulate creativity, huh!? For those who didn’t understand, Resgate is a book with sentences made from newspaper clippings.

12. Zine ABC NY

Perfect for those who like to travel!

13. Cup holder

It seems like a silly gift, but depending on the theme chosen, it can be really cool, even serving as decoration! Choose the theme according to the taste of the person who will be giving the gift!

14. Fashion items

Pieces designed by Alexandre Herchcovith will leave any fashionista radiant as a Christmas gift.

15. Sculptures

Small, medium, large, tiny. The size and theme depend on your discretion and according to what you know about the taste of the person who will be giving the gift. A Buddha sculpture, for example, is perfect for those who are more “zen”.

16. Sleeping mask

For that friend of yours who can’t sleep if there’s even a sliver of light in her room, there’s nothing better than a really cute mask!

17. Different pillows

It looks like a ball, but it’s a cushion. Cute, right? Perfect for that sports-mad person!

18. Cell phone case

If you find a creative case, it’s already a great gift, but if you find a Havaianas case, with Havaianas material, it’s a more than perfect Christmas gift, don’t you think?

19. Regionalist presents

For that friend of yours who loves the Brazilian northeast, a cute Christmas gift is a handmade object that reminds you of that region.

20. Portable charger

Is there anything more useful as a Christmas gift? Take advantage and buy one for yourself too.

21. Cell phone lenses

For that person who loves taking photos on Instagram, this set of cell phone camera lenses will make them even more successful on the social network!

22. Gym accessories

A cell phone holder to put on your arm and a brand new squeeze bottle are great gift options for those who don’t leave the gym.

23. Recipe books

Although Google is there to help us in the kitchen, those who really like cooking will love winning recipe books. In addition to bringing recipes in a different way to what we find online, recipe books can also serve as decoration for the kitchen.

24. Different photo frames

There are all kinds, just look! Those that hang, in fact, are modern and very charming, for example.

25. Mugs

How not to mention the mugs? No matter how many gift lists we make, one option that we always get right is mugs as gifts. You just have to choose something that has to do with the personality of the person receiving the gift.

And, if your friend is addicted to coffee, this other list here will help you even more to rock the gift.

So, did you like the suggestions? Best of all, they don’t necessarily need to be restricted to Christmas gift ideas. You can, for example, keep it and have good gift ideas all year round!

But, if you still haven’t found what you were looking for, check out: 50 suggestions for Secret Santa gifts for up to 30 reais.

Fonte: BuzzFeed