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20 photos and tips to combine with custom furniture

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Do you have any childhood memories related to a warm cake, a breakfast table or simply watching someone cook? This kind of memory proves how much the kitchen is an environment of affective memory. Therefore, adding color to it can be a point that reinforces all the good feelings, like what happens with the blue kitchen.

Just like in fashion, interior architecture is cyclical and exalts trends – many of them, established and timeless styles.

This is the case of blue kitchens: the color, when combined with the features of vintage woodwork, brings a sweet, light and always current atmosphere. In this way, residents have much more in their environment than an area dedicated to preparing food, but also to forming memories and communing with feelings.

Why have a blue kitchen?

Blue and white kitchen.
Project: Cristiane Schiavoni. Photo: Fabio Jr Severo

To talk better about the topic, we brought tips from experts in the field.

Thus, architects Patricia Miranda, responsible for the Raízes Arquitetos office, and Cristinane Schiavoni, for the office that bears her name, point out that, in addition to a sweet atmosphere, A blue kitchen also represents lightness and modernity.

How to combine the color with the custom furniture?

Small kitchen with tile covering and blue cabinet.
Project: Cristiane Schiavoni. Photo: Raul Fonseca

According to Patricia Miranda, the definitions of a project depend on what happens as a whole.

“For example, if I have a lot of information on a wall covering, I think it’s better to standardize the joinery in two ways: from a monochromatic perspective or with different small details”comments.

Industrial decor with blue kitchen.
Project: Raízes Arquitetos. Photo: Edson Ferreira

Furthermore, another aspect to be observed concerns the dimensions of the environment. In smaller kitchens, Patricia’s recommendation is reduce the section that will have a stronger tone.

“A more comprehensive area opens up the possibility for us to be bold and play a little more with colors. I already built a kitchen that was big enough to have two rooms, and then I was able to use white, green, wood and a hydraulic tile with orange lines. And it was very good”eastern

Room with two sinks and closet.
Project: Cristiane Schiavoni. Photo: Luis Gomes

What color is best for the kitchen?

According to architect Cristiane Schiavoni, responsible for the office that bears her name, mixing tones and colors is never a problem, whether in carpentry, walls or coverings. According to her, blue is a very versatile color.

“Although it is in a cold palette, it provokes feelings of tranquility and, consequently, coziness. Not to mention that it’s not tiring like warmer tones like yellow, red and orange.”talks.

To combine blue in her projects, Cristiane reveals her appreciation for include tones that act as a counterpoint na palette.

“Both white, black and gray are colors that go very well with blue in carpentry. Another tip, but outside of carpentry, is to work with yellow, which complements blue perfectly!”evaluates the professional.

However, among the choices, white is usually that wild card that reconciles and opens up countless possibilities in the decor.

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Planned blue kitchen

When designing, architect Cristiane Schiavoni explains that, in the kitchen, the palette can adopt neutral bases, but that there is no obligation.

“It all depends on the proposal. I’m currently working on a project where the woodwork will be blue and the walls will be yellow. It is a more vintage and more relaxed proposal that accepts this context”comments.

Regarding the nuances, the lighter gradient, commonly known as baby blue, is preferred.

“I believe in this appreciation of affective memory, as more and more people want a home that is not only beautiful, but that brings a sense of belonging and emotions”he highlights.

Blue kitchen with custom cabinetry.
Project: Cristiane Schiavoni. Photo: Fabio Jr Severo

More inspirations

Next, see how the shades of blue affect the decor of the room. Also, don’t forget to save your favorite templates!

Gray blue kitchen

Turquoise blue kitchen

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Light blue kitchen

About Raízes Arquitetos

From architecture, professional Patrícia Miranda brings knowledge of offices of different sizes, construction companies, construction sites and project development – ​​from approval to executive detailing, with coordination, verification and compatibility. From design, it brings the development of furniture and objects, exclusive or mass produced.

“We take care of architecture and design, fields that deal with man, as well as the full and empty areas around him. We combine technical knowledge and poetic sensitivity”, he emphasizes.


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About the architect Cristiane Schiavoni

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP), Cristiane Schiavoni has worked in the area of ​​architecture, decoration and renovation since 1996 and today, the office that bears her name, has more than 20 years of history, bringing together hundreds of projects inside and outside the State of São Paulo.

In his residential and commercial creations, published in important Brazilian publications, surprise elements and touches of color mix with resources that guarantee the comfort and warmth of residents.

In conclusion, unusually applied finishes and versatile materials are also constant presences in Cristiane Schiavoni’s works. As a result, it is reflected in the design of modern, humanized and dynamic environments, which invite well-being and, above all, reflect the essence of each client.

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