20 nail ideas that will change your concept of nail art

20 nail ideas that will change your concept of nail art


There are those who turn up their nose at the nail arta creative concept that changed the way women paint their nails.

Its infinite models and options for decorating nails, ranging from small, more discreet details, to large applications and designs, radically transform female hands, which stop being blank canvases and become true works of art.

There are many ways to do nail art.

Stickers, glitter, stamps, crystals, rhinestones, mini-chains, self-adhesive tapes, acrylic powder and even piercings, give new life to nails leaving them with textures, holographic, cracked, thermochromic, matte or with countless designs, from abstract to the most fun.

Nail ideas that will change your concept of nail art

The important thing is not to get caught up in the trivial and give free rein to your imagination.

The cool thing about nail art is that you free yourself from the monotony of always showing off the same “nails of the week” and will definitely attract attention (positively) wherever you go.

If you’re still not convinced to give this super trend a try, see below 20 nail ideas that will change your concept of nail art.

Check out:

Holographic effect nails

1 – This holographic effect with star sticker transforms your nails into an incredible constellation à la Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

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2 – How about this super chic French hair extension made with gel in a stiletto format?

Super chic French nails made in stiletto-shaped gel extensions

Do it and be ready to diva!

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3 – Modern and fine!

Modern and thin decorated nails

This nail art mixes the sobriety of nude and the impact of yellow in a crescent shape (note how yellow is soft on the pinky and reigns on the thumb)

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4 – Discreet and super romantic, this nail art is perfect for those who are just starting to venture into this universe and are afraid to dare too much.

Discreet and romantic nail art

The feather effect single daughter and the charming pebbles glued onto the nude nail polish are pure love.

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5 – Are you going to the beach?

Nails decorated in a beach atmosphere

How about these fantastic ideas that will put your nails in a summer mood?

Nail Art in Beach Atmosphere

It is impossible not to fall in love.

nails that will change your concept of nail art

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6 – Pastel tones and single daughter with glam texture result in a fun and super romantic nail art!

Fun and super romantic nail art

In addition to being cute, this model is perfect for beginners!

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7 – The elegance of black and white in free and fine lines.

Nails decorated in black and white

Ideal for you to learn to love nail art.

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8 – For those who don’t give up on elegance and refinement, this nail art is simply perfect.

Nail Art for those who don't give up on elegance and refinement

The glam of the gold with the black details are pure charm and will definitely change your concept of nail art.

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9 – This half moon in black with nude nail polish is also perfect for those who want to take risks in the world of nail art without being too daring.

Nails decorated with black half moon

Detail for the only daughter with a delicate design, which makes the nail art even more beautiful and cute!

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10 – The pink gradient with gold details is the result of a delicate and romantic nail art that you will definitely love to have on your nails.

Delicate and romantic nail art

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11 – Get ready to become the center of attention at work with this super nail art, with nude and black tones and super charming stones to decorate.

Nails decorated with nude and black tones and super charming pebbles

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12 – See how charming it is to be able to leave your nails with the design of one of Japan’s greatest symbols!

Nails decorated with cherry blossom

The cherry blossom, besides being beautiful, represents the soul and the value of enjoying every moment of life.

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13 – Animal print is always in fashion and looks charming on your nails.

Animal print is always in fashion and looks charming on your nails

Mixing two and even three types of prints like this model looks beautiful and leaves your nails powerful and full of impact.

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14 – Glitter, adhesive and crystals completely transform nude nail polish and leave your nails beautiful and powerful.

Beautiful and powerful nails

Puro glamour.

Decorated nails for inspiration

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Beautiful and powerful decorated nails

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15 – Delicate flowers in shades of wine and green in light nail polishes like this cream look incredible, leaving the look romantic and light.

Nail decoration with flowers

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16 – What if your nails became a landscape?

Nails decorated with landscapes

Like the idea?

So look how beautiful this composition (image above) of a dandelion flower having its petals carried by the wind after being blown by a woman?

The flower brings a positive message of hope and rebirth.

Is not it pretty?

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17 – Extremely sexy, this nail art is all about those days when you are feeling powerful and ready to rock.

Nail Art Sexy

The English girl takes on a super different look in this model with the braided design that is very reminiscent of sexy fishnet stockings.

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18 – This English style also breaks the mold and is perfect for stiletto nails.

Photo by Nail Art

The whimsy of the only daughter and the metallic tone of the nail polish make all the difference to the effect of this nail art.

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19 – The inverted francesinha is super fashionable and is a great opportunity for you to change your concept of nail art.

Nail decoration with inverted French nails

Betting on metallic francesinha with a matte nail polish tone is a sure success.

Complement with stickers or rhinestones in the same tone as the francesinha.

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20 – Ethnic and textured stickers can look very glamorous with matte nail polishes of the same color.

Stylish and modern decorated nails

Bet on this trend and have nails full of refinement, beauty and elegance.

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