Hotéis Românticos nos EUA

10 Romantic Hotels in the USA | Valentine’s Day


Nothing better than to make that trip thinking about giving a girlfriend, in a very favorable mood for couples, right? And some hotels do everything to make couples casaisfeel on their honeymoon, even if they have been together for years. So we decided to make a list of 10 romantic hotels in the USA. After all, Valentine's Day is coming and it does not cost us to give a help to the little lovebirds who want a special trip. Remember, I speak with property, I have stayed in all the hotels that come next.

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10 romantic hotels in the USA

Canary Santa Barbara

In alphabetical order, the first on our list of 10 romantic hotels in the USA. Known as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara is a grace of town, close to Los Angeles, with less than 100,000 inhabitants and beautiful beaches. Ideal for those who want to surf or get sun. A mixture of sophistication of the large centers with the simplicity of a city in the countryside, which deserves to be visited at least once.

10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
Santa Barbara

The main street is State Street, with great shops and excellent restaurants and you can do everything walking. I stayed in hotel near the Canary, which I highly recommend, because it is a grace with a very pleasant atmosphere! With comfortable rooms, great restaurant and a charming rooftop pool, a cozy and stylish boutique hotel. Had to be on our list of 10 romantic hotels in the USA.

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10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
Facade of the hotel

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The Carlyle NYC

Hard to think of a hotel that has more luxury and tradition in NY than The Carlyle of the Rosewood chain. Located in the most sophisticated part of the city on the Upper East Side, it is a perfect corner: a few blocks from Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum and the Whitney Museum side. Besides being surrounded by good restaurants and some of the best stores in NY.

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The Carlyle

The Carlyle was opened in the 1930s and remains still today as a reference in the local hotel industry. Already at the entrance, we came across its elegant lobby, renovated for a few years, and on the same floor its restaurant, also called The Carlyle, where breakfast is served. and it also opens for lunch and dinner. Both with discreet and tasteful decoration, in the English style.

If you're lucky like me, you still get a chance to see Woddy Allen, live, at the Carlyle Cafe.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
The Carlyle Hotel

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Its traditional environment refers us to an ideal nostalgic climate for those who want to spend romantic days in the city that never sleeps. A place I thought right when writing the list of the 10 romantic hotels in the USA

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
On the balcony of my room

Address: 35 E 76th St, New York, NY 10021, USA

Fairmont Miramar

In Santa Monica, which is already romantic in its own right, my favorite hotel is Fairmont, one of the best hotels in town. Sophisticated and luxurious, he is at the same time cozy. Favored to the beach and with great service, we feel the elegance of the hotel already at the entrance.

10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
Facade of the Hotel
10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
The view from the bedroom balcony

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With a great location, in the famous Wilshire Blvd, two blocks from the Third Street Promenade (closed street for cars, full of shops and restaurants) and facing the pleasant Santa Monica beach, (which has already been considered the most beautiful in the world by National Geographic magazine).

10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
The Fairmont lobby

Just to get down there and take a walk along the boardwalk, see the movement that mixes residents and tourists, walk to the Pier, is already guaranteed very romantic days, suitable for couples in love. Don’t miss the sunset, one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
the Orla Santa Monica
10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
Sunset in Santa Monica

Address: 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA

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Four Seasons Ranch Enchanted

Santa Fe, capital of New Mexico, is a unique city in the United States. It may not be your first travel option. But if you enjoy beautiful landscapes and still like art, put on your list, because it can surprise you. More Mexican than American, it ranks third in terms of the importance of the art market in the US. Only lose to LA and NYC.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
The Streets of Santa Fe

I even made a video for our Youtube channel, so much that I liked Santa Fe.

The area was occupied by Indians who built villages like Santa Fe, which seems like a scenographic city, with its typical colors and buildings. It was founded by Spanish in 1610 and is known to be the oldest capital in the U.S. and the oldest city in New Mexico.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
The constructions

In the midst of this exotic landscape is a stunning hotel, Four Seasons Rancho Encantado, 15 minutes from the center. The area is stunning, an amazing look, typical of New Mexico, previously occupied by the Indians.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Four Seasons Ranch Enchanted
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Four Seasons Ranch Enchanted

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Each room is very isolated from each other, are the casitas, as they call it. It also has a super spa and breakage, works of art spread throughout the property. That is, dedicate one day to stay two just enjoying the hotel. It's worth it!

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA

Address: 198 State Rd 592, Santa Fe, NM 87506, USA

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Mandarin Oriental Miami

In a modern area of Miami, Brickell, Mandarin Oriental has a fantastic view of Byscaine Bay. One of the five most famous stars in Miami, it has great restaurants, a trendy bar and a renowned spa.

10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
View of the pool
10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA

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If you have never entered a Mandarin hotel (it is 42 in 27 countries) do not miss this chance at the first opportunity. Even if you can not stay there, it is worth even if it is to know. Each hotel has its own identity, according to the city where it is located. The decor is always clean, contemporary and very tasteful. And the staff, very kindful!

10 Hotéis Românticos nos EUA
Lobby of the Hotel

Address: 500 Brickell Key Dr, Miami, FL 33131, USA

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Mr C Beverly Hills

If you are looking for a wonderful hotel in Los Angeles, I highly recommend Mr C Beverly Hills. With the Leading Hotels of the World stamp, it is a super-discreet luxury hotel. It is in a residential corner of Beverly Hills, but ten minutes' drive from Rodeo Drive.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Hotel seen from afar
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
View from Mr C Hotel

The name Mr C comes from the brothers Cipriani, who are in the fourth generation. In 1931, Giuseppe Cipriani opened the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, which is still standing there. They also own the traditional Italian restaurant, which today exists in several cities of the world. Of course, this elegant hotel in Los Angeles has a branch.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
External area

Allure of the Seas, the world's largest ship

The 137 rooms are very charming, with the colors red or white. Stunning views of the mountains complete the look. Typical of a hotel in Los Angeles five star. It is the latest on the list of 10 romantic hotels in the USA.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
The room
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
On the balcony of the room

Address: 1224 Beverwil Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA

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Parker Palm Springs

Opened ten years on a 1960s property, Parker is one of the best hotels in Palm Springs, California. The city has been known since the 20, when Hollywood actors went there on their days off, respecting the two-hour-manly rule of car from Los Angeles.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Parker Palm Springs
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Swimming Pool

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Ten minutes from the center of Palm Springs, the hotel has very creative and cheerful decoration a bit like vintage, and makes us feel at the house of friends, perhaps in the 70s or 80s. With a lot of green area and surrounded by Californian mountains, the hotel has a huge, beautiful area. There are 144 rooms divided into several categories, all with good space and similar decoration. A very charming hotel that had to be on the list of 10 romantic hotels in the USA.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
The corners of the hotel

Address:200 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264, USA

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Silverado Resort and Spa

Do you have a trip more romantic than those dedicated to wine culture and gastronomy? Breaking, with a cold for one being forced to warm the other? Well, I at least love itineraries to visit wineries and see those beautiful vineyards. And the Napa Valley in California is one of those perfect itineraries to go with.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Napa Entrance

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Amidst the stunning landscape of the vineyards of Napa, one hour north of San Francisco, is Silverado Hotel & Spa.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Silverado Resort & SPA

A luxury getaway, Silverado Resort and Spa is one of those hotels that when we enter does not make the desire to leave. Ideal for days of total relaxation, eating and drinking well, enjoying the look and doing a good massage at the award-winning spa. It is close to 400 wineries. A must see on the West Coast of America! It reminds me that I need to come back urgently and enjoy this wonderful hotel better!

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
View from the hotel
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Not bad for a wine with this view, right?

Address: 1600 Atlas Peak Road, Napa, CA 94558, United States

Sunset Marquis

West Hollywood is another interesting place in LA and where I’ve stayed a few times. This is where the famous Chateau Marmont is located, a hotel where several celebrities and the Sunset Marquis once lived, a charm of place, where I have already stayed, surrounded by trendy restaurants, trendies on all sides and walking distance of the famous and iconic Sunset Boulervard.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Entrance Sunset Marquis
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Inside the hotel

It is a cool hotel, like few, in its DNA, in its rooms, in its villas and bars. The hotel's swimming pools are very compatible with the Los Angeles manor house. One practically gets you at the entrance, right after the lobby. The other, more exclusive, is super charming and calls us for a dip in the hot hoter Californian days. A cool hotel that had to be part of the list of 10 romantic hotels in the USA.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
One of the pools

Address: 1200 North Alta Loma Road, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Terranea Resort Resort

We have finished our list of 10 romantic hotels in the USA with one more California. This state is one of our passions. It holds sea and mountain and has very special landscapes. One hotel that draws attention in the area is Terranea Resort. Opened six years and just an hour away from Los Angeles, the hotel is in a gigantic area, where once operated one of the most famous water parks in the U.S., Marineland, until 1987. The place was abandoned for many years and served as an open-air set for advertisements, film productions, and in 1996, the MTV Beach House, until the luxury resort was opened.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Terranea Resort Resort
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
Landscape of the hotel

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There are 582 rooms and suites, including bungalows, casitas and villas. All very good taste, with sophistication and elegance, always respecting nature. Breaking, a private beach, easily accessible after a pleasant walk. The ideal place for those who want to relax, date and forget about life. I am in love with this hotel! Ideal Scenario for those who want to spend days on honeymoon.

10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
The look at the hotel
10 hotéis românticos nos EUA
The private beach

Address: 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, USA

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Did you like our selection of 10 romantic hotels in the USA? If you know any of them, we know about them.

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Text and photos by Renata Araujo

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