10 of the EASIEST Side Dishes for DINNER!

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Find the printable recipes here:

Mini Garlic Monkey Bread:

Pistachio Jello Salad:

Instant Pot Green Beans:

3 Ingredient Avocado Salad:

Instant Pot Corn:

Honey Carrots:

Parmesan Zucchini Sticks:

30 Minute Rolls:

Instant Pot Creamy Mac and Cheese:

Instant Pot Potato Salad:

0:00 Best Sides
0:53 Mini Garlic Monkey Bread
2:30 Pistachio Jello Salad
4:20 Instant Pot Green Beans
5:32 3 Ingredient Avocado Salad
6:20 Instant Pot Corn
7:14 Honey Carrots
8:39 Parmesan Zucchini Sticks
10:20 30 Minute Rolls
11:26 Instant Pot Creamy Mac and Cheese
13:39 Instant Pot Potato Salad


49 thoughts on “10 of the EASIEST Side Dishes for DINNER!

  1. That's almost my exact potato salad recipe. I use a little less mustard but I use both vinegar and pickle juice and I add onion for a bit of crunch.

  2. I was trying to cook chicken the other night, the On button stayed on for a long time. I canceled the time and unplugged it. How long should the On button stay on?
    And what does the icons at the top stand for? There's a p in a square right now. There has been a icon that looks like a pot with fire under it.
    Thank you for reading and answering.

  3. One thing I like to make are Fiery Dorrito Flavoured Chinese Prawn Crackers. !!!! I fry the Prawn Crackers and when they cool down I put them in a plastic bag. Then I use a tub of MRC Spicy Chipotle Chilli Coating ( from Amazon) and shake the bag up. You only need about a tablespoon for a huge bag of Prawn Crackers. The tub will last for years !!!! (I also use Nutritional Yeast Powder, which tastes like Cheese !!! Or Beef Stock Powder, Or Nutritional Yeast abd Tomato Powder etc.)

  4. Hey, Have you written a book of your recipes for IP and air fryer? If so,where can I purchase?Please leave the link. I enjoy your videos and rely on them for everything I cook.Would love to have a book as my internet is not very reliable out in the country.Watching you from God's country,TENNESSEE. 🙂

  5. LOVE this video!!! Side dishes are any nemesis!! These are great ideas!! Also I’m new to the Insta Pot and was slightly intimidated until I found your videos. I appreciate how you explain the reasons for things and are detailed in how to use the I pot. Happy Easter!!

  6. Hi, not sure if this question has been asked before – What is the British equivalent of the 'biscuits'? We have a variety of pastry in cans or rolls of pastry.

  7. Oh my! That avocado dish is delicious and so are those carrots. I made them both and I'm in heaven eating those dishes. Ill do the others asap!😀

  8. Brown sugar light
    1 cup of sugar
    1 tablespoon of molasses
    Mix well store in air tight container
    Brown sugar dark
    1 cup of sugar
    2 tablespoon of molasses
    Mix well store in air tight container

    Powered sugar
    2 cups of sugar
    2 tablespoon of corn starch
    Blend well store in air tight container

  9. I like the corn idea and everything I do to pasta in the instant pot is still hard after 4 minutes. So can we set the pressure cook higher?

  10. This is my favourite channel. I especially like it when you explain everything so nicely. I wish you a lot of success with the channel and happy life.

  11. We started adding chopped nuts (especially when toasted) and on really “special” occasions chopped (halved or quartered) maraschino cherries and or toasted or flaked/shredded coconut to our “Pistachio Salad” aka “Watergate Salad”

  12. Sister, do we need to send you some good tongs? Lol.
    Can't wait to make all of these. So yummy. Honey glazed carrots are my favorite side dish.

  13. Hey, I caught that you used the “red meat” silicone chop mat for those eggs! Lol! I have same ones! Love, love, love your videos!

  14. I get rid of one step for the potato salad I take my eggs and crack them into a metal Bowl except for two that I use for garnish by the time the potatoes cooked eggs are cooked and all you got to do is chop them up you don't have to peel them except for the two that you use for garnish..and we use crushed pineapple instead and the colored fruity marshmallows withe pistachio pudding..
    We also do a cheesecake pudding with cherry pie filling and marshmallows and coolwhip

  15. I love Watching your videos. Can you make one for Easter themed dishes to make in the air oven and/or instant pot ? Prices are way to much for Easter buffet brunch, so we’d like to make a spread at close to half the cost of going out at home. Can you please add this request please. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. I never would have thought to add both the eggs and the potatoes in the Instant Pot at the same time, that is a huge time saver. Several times each Summer my wife and I make both macaroni and potato salad along with deep fried chicken.
    I cook the pasta in the Instant Pot and the eggs next, but this time I'll add the eggs and the potatoes together. Thanks for the great tip. 🙂

  17. Love! Love! Love watching your videos! Thank you so much for putting your precious time into these videos and sharing "really great recipes"! Quick question, do you not use salt so that it can cook into the food? I know for some they can't do a lot of sodium but a little sure makes a huge difference in the overall flavor. 😊😊😊

  18. Your jello salad, we use the mix cocktail fruit and add cherries 🍒….YummO❣️❣️❣️ love all your other ideas, just have to do them w/out an instant pot.

  19. Yummy Kristin, I like to put drained mandarin oranges in my jello salad also. I have to try the roasted carrots with honey. Thanks for sharing. 🙂❤️

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