10 creative and cheap decorating ideas to transform your home

10 creative and cheap decorating ideas to transform your home

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For a long time the word decoration was associated with high expenses, however, below we will present you 10 ideas for creative and cheap decoration to make your home incredible while respecting the limits of your budget.

Knowing how to look carefully at details and reusing unused objects and spaces are some of the secrets to achieving incredible decoration that does not exceed your financial availability.

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Check out 10 creative and cheap decorating ideas to transform your home

Creative and inexpensive decoration

1 – Bet on the unusual

Do you have any interesting unused objects?

You can use it to transform your home decor.

Even your retired bicycle can become an excellent decorative item.

In this case, the bike works as a support for the bathroom sink counter and even its basket is being used to store towels.

Creative and cheap decoration to transform your home

Another example that shows in practice how to transform your home is the staircase that became a shelf in the kitchen.

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2 – Fair boxes

Fair boxes can create creative and inexpensive decoration to transform your home

One of the main creative and cheap decoration trends is using market boxes.

You can follow a more sophisticated route like the one in the image that shows a shelf built with boxes or opt for the simplicity of just stacking a few boxes or fixing them to the wall.

The boxes can become shelves for books, a shelf for drinks, a place to display decorative objects and whatever else your imagination dictates.

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3 – Leg of straws

Pallet bed helps with creative and cheap decoration to transform your home

Continuing with the more rustic style proposed in the previous tip, we arrive at the pallet bed.

The tip in this case is to use pallets to serve as a base for your mattress, in addition to preventing the mattress from being in direct contact with the floor, this structure also adds height, making sleeping more comfortable.

The decorative style is sensational, if you opt for classic elements for the rest of the room you will have an even more impressive result.

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4 – Glass bottles in decoration

Glass bottles in decoration

Anyone who enjoys any type of drink knows that some bottles become classics and therefore deserve a place in their home decor.

There are several ways to personalize your favorite bottles, one of the coolest alternatives is as a lamp base.

You can surprise your guests with a container of liquid soap in the bathroom with a modified lid.

On the internet you will find a series of tutorials that help eliminate alcoholic odors from bottles as well as prepare them for use.

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5 – Creative hooks for hanging bags and coats

Creative hooks for hanging bags and coats

Hooks for hanging bags and coats are very useful when you have people over to your house and want to avoid clutter.

And how about surprising people who come to your home with creative hooks?

You can replace conventional hooks with old doorknobs that are no longer in use, decorative objects and even old toys that you are no longer using.

Check if the objects in question offer space for hanging bags and coats and have fun.

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6 – Self-adhesive wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper helps with creative and inexpensive decoration to transform your home

One of the new features on the wallpaper market is the self-adhesive version, which is easy to apply and is more affordable for the consumer.

Choose wallpaper with a different print for one of the living room walls, for example.

It’s interesting to concentrate the print on just one wall in the room to avoid exaggeration.

This is also a trick that helps make the room appear visually larger.

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7 – Add a green touch to your decor

Tips for creative and inexpensive decoration to transform your home

One of the coolest creative and cheap decorating tricks you can try is to use a plant to create a counterpoint in the most closed rooms of the house.

To ensure that the plant always remains beautiful and has a good quality of life, choose a species that adapts to the local conditions.

Some plants are more capable of adapting to closed environments, such as zamioculca, succulents such as cacti, pleomele, raphi, among others.

Ask for directions at the plant store.

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8 – Chalkboard wall

Chalkboard walls help with creative and cheap decoration to transform your home

Among the creative and cheap decoration options is the chalkboard wall, you can choose wallpaper with this type of surface to apply to the wall or even buy a blackboard to hang.

Leave this space to draw pictures or leave messages for the people who live with you or as a space where your friends can leave messages when they come to visit you.

The coolest thing is that you can erase and change the decoration whenever you want.

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9 – Modify furniture and/or appliances with stickers

Creative and cheap decorating idea to transform your home

Your home can look different from any other with just one sticker, so the tip is to choose a piece of furniture or appliance to undergo the transformation.

Choose a fun print so you have a focal point in your decor.

Take advantage of the fact that this type of sticker is usually very affordable and will not affect your budget for decorating your home.

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10 – Colorful tiles

Colorful tiles help with creative and cheap decoration to transform your home

To conclude our list of creative and cheap decoration ideas, we recommend the use of colored tiles.

These pieces transform any decor, making spaces more fun.

This bet generally suits the kitchen, but nothing stops you from using these tiles with different prints in your bathroom too.

The tip is to go to a store specializing in tiles and negotiate to buy pieces that are left over from large batches, these pieces are more affordable because there are few units.

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